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  • More than science and technical

    Above all, it is love for the earth. Through technological development and efficiency in quality, Samaritá has free accessible to markets in which it operates.

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  • ORGAMAX Line

    Conditioner of soil and organic-mineral fertilizers that promote a further development of the root system and aerial part, improving the productive potential of soils, including the increase of biological activity.

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  • Biopower Gold for the most diverse cultures

    Improves the vegetative development, the emission of roots and standardizes the flowering and fruit ripening!

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  • Solutions without borders

    Today, the products of Samaritá are exported to countries such as Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay!

Agricultural Division

The Agricultural Division of Samaritá brings solutions that come from the increase in the structuring of the soil, until the obtainment of the maximum potential of the plant development, taking into account the technology of application of products and the income success.

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Chemical Division

The Chemical Division of Samaritá offers solutions for biological treatment of industrial effluents, given primarily to paper, drinks, soft drinks, cosmetics and electroplating companies.

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Samaritá, a company of the Vittia group.