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Biovida Turfa Soja


Produced with peat imported from Canada, free of abrasive materials allowing a safe inoculation without causing damage and buildup on the disks of the planters or other equipment for the application of inoculants.

Bradyrhizobium japonicum


Caixa com 24 pacotes de 300g cada (72 doses no total)

Elementos Especificações
Warranty 7,2 x 10⁹ UFC/g
Composition Substrato turfoso e bactérias fixadoras de nitrogênio.
Strain SEMIA 5079 (CPAC 15) e SEMIA 5080.
Physical Nature Powder

General Considerations

Keep the product in a cool place and protected from sunlight. Storage and transport: Keep it in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Instructions of use

Mixture the contents of the package at the time of use.

Place the recommended dose of BIOVIDA directly into the specific box for the inoculant. For a better distribution of the peat in the seeds, it is recommended to place the contents of at least three packages in the peat and refit two packages after treating six bags of seeds. If you treat with fungicide and/or micronutrients liquids, you do not need to moisten the seeds with water, provided that the total volume of fluid is of at least 150 mL. Complete for this volume with water, if necessary. Otherwise, put sweet water (10%) in the first box of the machine, set from 150 to 300 mL/ 50 Kg of seeds.

If you do not treat the seeds with fungicides and neither with nutrients:
▪ Add the inoculant in sweet water (10%) on the basis of 60 g / 300 mL and add this amount of suspension in every 50 Kg of seeds that you are going to treat;
Turn a few times to recover all seeds. If you are treating the seeds with fungicides and/or liquid micronutrient:
▪ Treat the seeds first with fungicides and/or liquid micronutrient. Then make the inoculation as in the previous case, verifying that a volume of liquid exceeding 300 mL per 50 kg of seeds is not added;
▪ If you inoculate the seeds on the canvas, use the recommended doses and proceed with the same care, so that the coating with the inoculant is as uniform as possible. In all cases, plant soon after the inoculation.

All operations must be made in the shade.

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