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Orgamax Nitro+S


The ORGAMAX Nitro+S is a organic-mineral fertilizer, is compatible with the vast majority of mineral fertilizers. Raw materials - Peat, calcium carbonate, ammonium sulphate and potassium chloride.


Saco 40Kg

Elementos Especificações
Nitrogênio Total 12%
Enxofre 12%
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) 8%
Umidade Máxima 20%
CTC- Cationic Exchange Capacity 427,85mmolc/dm3
Raw Materials Turfa, carbonato de cálcio, sulfato de amônio e cloreto de potássio.

General Considerations

The recommendations of use may be changed according to the needs of the crops under the guidance of a professional in the agronomic area. Storage: Store The Orgamax in a cool, dry, covered and ventilated place. Use pallets to avoid the direct contact with the floor and walls of the storage location. Avoid making piles that are too large and too high. The stacking limit should be of 8 bags of 40 kg. Period of Validity: The validity of Orgamax is 5 years after the date of manufacture, if properly stored and with the closed package. If in doubt, consult the department of agronomy of Samaritá or our sales representative.

Instructions of use

Way of Usage: Avoid the direct contact of Orgamax with the seeds and with the root system of the transplanted seedlings. A reduction in the germinative power of the seed and the death of the seedlings can occur, soon after the transplantation. Apply the Orgamax beside and just below the seeds and seedlings (5 to 7.5 cm) and uniformly mix it with the ground. Chemical Compatibility: Orgamax is compatible with a vast majority of mineral fertilizers. However, avoid mixing it with nitrogenated mineral fertilizers (ammonium nitrate, calcium nitrate, ammonium sulphate and urea) and the formulated nitrogen, for example: 20-00-20, 20-05-20 and 25-00-25.

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